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Music to keep you Awake

It was like Andy Summers and Martha Davis came up on stage and started jamming their hearts out. Man, these guys are good.

The Thing About Sad Songs

Perfection is an imaginary concept. To be “Perfect” means to not have any problems. That alone is already impossibility, because, let’s face it… who doesn’t have problems? I for one have the mother of all problems. But that’s neither here nor there. I didn’t write this to talk about my problems, I wrote this to ...

No Money, No Honey

Ohio Players played the fans by stating that the cover girl was killed...

Swing to Solo – The Great Jazz Transition

Anyone who’s listened to Chris Botti, Chuck Mangione, Tom Scott, Earl Klugh and David Benoit know just how powerful Jazz Soloists are. Sure, it often takes an entire band to make beautiful music but in the case of these performers, its more desirable than it is absolute.

A Special Love Song

People love talking about the good old days, don't they? Whether its gigs at  Kalye or folks from the past, its always a great feeling to share memories with those who went through them with you. I had my fill recently while listening to a playlist created by LetsGroovePH on Spotify. The list is called ...

Stan Ricker, The Master of Masters

Stan Ricker first made his mastering presence known as a disc cutter along with Jack Hunt, for the original Mobile Fidelity 1/2 speed mastered LPs released in the 1970s and 1980s including this POCO album above. Ricker mastered the controversial original Mo-Fi Beatles box set in the early '80s. It was controversial because the equalization ...

The Beat Goes On

Anyone who grew up to the 60’s possess a certain inclination to psychedelic colors, flowers and a catchy tune called “The Beat Goes On”. Written by Sonny Bono, no not frontman, singer and knight Bono of U2, but the other half of famous 60’s duo Sonny and Cher. Music was recorded by world renown Los Angeles based sessionists called “The Wrecking Crew”. “The Beat Goes On” peaked at Number 6 on Billboards top 100 in 1967 and was covered by many prominent artists at that time.