Music to keep you Awake

It was like Andy Summers and Martha Davis came up on stage and started jamming their hearts out. Man, these guys are good.

I am a child of the 80s. Yes, I whipped it at Where Else, partied at Corinthians, ogled Nice Girls at Zigzag and washed out at Peps before calling it a night. Those were good times, made even more fun by the music me and my friends had. Nothing brings back memories more than music we grew up to, diba? Nope. Not always at least. Sometimes we hear new music and Bam! You’re immediately transported. Its rare but it does happen and is something this writer went through recently.

You see, like many of you folks, my musical taste matured as I grew older. Sure I still occasionally listen to Back in Black by Led Zeppelin (Big MCU Fan by the way) but most of my gigabytes (and records) are now taken over by old folks like Gerry Mulligan, Art Blakey and Chet Baker. To stay young or at least look it, I’d put on spotify discover and see where the rabbit hole leads.

During one such Cabernet fueled session, I came across a song about hope and a return to the good times. I hate comparing and its unfair to the artist but to put their music into perspective, a comparison cannot be avoided. So apologies folks, but here it goes… I heard the intro and was immediately reminded of a song from probably the most 80s album of all… Knee Deep in the Hoopla by Starship. The track I remember so fondly is “Nothings Gonna Stop Us”. Then the melody and vocals came in. It was like Andy Summers and Martha Davis came up and started jamming their hearts out. I thought “man, these guys are good”.

The song I am talking about is Awake. The group who wrote and performed it is not Grace, Martha or Andy but Mike Ducusin and Veronica Macato of Veronica and I.

Let’s Groove tracked down Mike Ducusin and got a little background about the song and their group. Mike and Veronica wrote Awake in 2013 after the devastation of Typhoon Yolanda. They, along with most of us, felt powerless and were deeply affected by the plight of many of our brothers and sisters in Cebu, Tacloban and other parts of Visayas. They turned this sense of helplessness into something positive. Veronica and Mike wrote a song to remind folks, themselves included, that this, like anything else is temporary. Mike worked on the music as Veronica crafted the lyrics that turned Awake into a powerful and inspiring tribute to the Yolanda victims.

Veronica is a singer-songwriter. Her vocal talent was developed during her 4-year high school glee club membership as an alto. She joined different bands to diversify her musical influences. Mike on the other hand, grew up during the 80’s and was heavily influenced by Pop and New Wave music. He started playing guitar in high school. He’s been in the local music scene since the 90’s and has been consistently collaborating with different musicians and bands as guitarist or bass player.

Their individual experiences of playing a wide range of music genre (which is heavily influenced by 80’s and 90’s) made an impact on how they would want to sound as Veronica and I. Together, they have developed a background that greatly contributes to their sound. Awake is not their only song by the way. Their other notable songs are Imaginary Boyfriend and Our Time.

Folks, check out Veronica and I and tell us what you think. Veronica and I is an Alternative Pop band based in Manila, Philippines. The duo is made up of Michael Ducusin and Veronica Macato. Here’s a link to their music on Spotify.

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