The Thing About Sad Songs

Perfection is an imaginary concept. To be Perfectmeans to not have any problems. That alone is already impossibility, because, lets face itwho doesnt have problems? I for one have the mother of all problems. But thats neither here nor there. I didnt write this to talk about my problems, I wrote this to talk about how I dealt with them. Dealing with ones problems doesnt necessarily mean talking about them. Sure, perhaps if youre seeing a professional, but lets get one thing straight: I am not a professional. I am, however, dealing with my own problems in my own way, and for some reason, the music is working so, unbelievably well.

Music has been a huge factor in my life for as long as I can remember. Weve all experienced daydreaming a very different situation in our lives, and wed all be lying if we said we never had the perfect soundtrack to that daydream. What is it about a song that just makes everything in our life fall into place in the brief 3 to 4 minutes a certain track or song is playing. Sometimes we dont even notice it until the middle of the 2nd chorus, and by then, wed be scrambling come hell or high water to replay the song from the very beginning. Some even get through by inflicting even more emotional stress on themselves, as if embracing an inhuman amount of hurt from 4 minutes of Death Cab For Cuties The Ghost Of Beverly Drive is enough to sustain ones self for a year of heartbreak and disappointment. Its crazy, stupid, and it doesnt make sensebut it works out, doesnt it?

Death Cab For Cutie

There is power in the beat, comfort in the melody, and truth in the lyrics. Losing faith in the human spirit, and walking around like a ghost seems like a terrible way to spend ones weekend, that is until you hear it as the opening salvo to The Killers Battle Born: by then, it becomes an anthem of strength, perseverance, and resilience. Just like how there are lessons to be learned from The Rolling Stones’ You Cant Always Get What You Wantto be more specific, that is, sometimes, you simply get what you need.

The Killers

Herein lies the beauty of being human. Of having problems, and rising above them. Its never a cakewalk, its never easy, but thats because life is never meant to be easy. Easy, apart from being a Commodore classic, is boring. Its whimsical. Its a Disney film, at best. No one ever learns from easy. Even tracks from Katy Perry, and Jason Derulo doesnt miss out on this.  

Music, when listened to properly, gives life to the phrase, The Calm before the Storm”… Music, when consumed the right way empowers you to get through the worst. Life gave us songs that make you cry, songs that make you jump, songs that make you sit down by yourself, in the darkthe emotions that wrap around us are one of the few that makes life worth living. Music, in its purest form, in its most unbridled, and untainted form, gives life meaning.

A few years ago I attended the funeral and wake of my great grandmother. Throughout the procession, she, being a big Queen fan (as I was later told) had 4 separate marching bands accompany the rather large group of grieving relatives with versions of Queens most biggest chart toppers. And at this moment I realized, that even in death, our affair with music guides us through the great beyond by linking us with those weve left behind. Yes, it was a sad affair, but one cannot deny the fact that even in her final moments, she was still able to create a link between her, and the lives shes touched throughout her almost 100 years. Music did that. As itll continue to do for as long as humans can continue, or at the very least, pretend to be able to carry a tune. Thankfully, Another One Bites The Dust was not part of the repertoire.

Other Suggested Songs to Listen to:

  1. how can i get their albums?



    1. You can get their albums on Spotify. Follow the links 🙂



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