A Special Love Song

People love talking about the good old days, don’t they? Whether its gigs at  Kalye or folks from the past, its always a great feeling to share memories with those who went through them with you. I had my fill recently while listening to a playlist created by LetsGroovePH on Spotify. The list is called LetsGroovePH 90’s Rock and boy, its a blast from the past.

One particular song that brought me back was Creep by Radiohead. Arguably their most popular song, Creep was on every radio station in every beat up taxi in the Metro. Yes kids, we didn’t have Uber back then. It was either the Love Bus or a shared taxi from Makati to Binondo where I did calls as a pesky little property consultant (ahente).

Yep. Creep brought back a lot of memories… Specially of those white, fluffy, meaty, delicious dumplings called Siopao from that panciteria in Binondo. Thanks mainly to Parokya ni Edgar for their amusing parody of the song.

Here’s Siopao na Special in case you forgot about it…

Oh well, it was/ is a great song. So great the band itself got sick and tired of it. Refusing to play Creep during their many concerts leaving fans high and dry. There was one band who never got tired of Creep though. The Hollies continue to earn royalties from the song after winning an infringement case against Radiohead for stark similarities with their 1973 song “The Air That I Breathe”. Check out LetsGroovePH Classic Rock. We have that track on our playlist.

You be the judge folks. Have a listen to both tracks and let it take you back to the 90’s or the 70’s, whichever makes you feel so “effing” special. Have a few beers with a good friend and have a blast. That’s the whole point of music anyway right?

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The Author, Reggie Halili is an Entrepreneur and Contributor for LetsGroovePH.


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