Stan Ricker, The Master of Masters

Stan Ricker first made his mastering presence known as a disc cutter along with Jack Hunt, for the original Mobile Fidelity 1/2 speed mastered LPs released in the 1970s and 1980s including this POCO album above.

Stan Ricker

Ricker mastered the controversial original Mo-Fi Beatles box set in the early ’80s. It was controversial because the equalization seemed extreme and not in keeping with the original sound as the midrange tended to be left in a lower vein, but his point is that your system should have had a pretty good Midrange to begin with, and the reason for the EQ is to modernize the limitations of the old Physical pressings ,and make the sound catch up to the Higher fidelity standards of the times. Kevin Gray of RTI defends Stan by stating “every remaster has its requisite EQualization curve  and the engineer would adjust according to what he feels the project needs” and overcome the old deficiency of the working analog masters in lieu of the almost 35% new MOFI pressing disappointments from the new MFSL Chicago firm. Stan is sorely missed , he passed away in late 2015.

Author: Romeo Babao. Romy is a Professional Sound Engineer and Contributor for LetsGroovePH


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